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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Carr View Post
    Battle ship grey or the red and black for me, will buy one right now. Will you guys do engraving like the other top plates you have?
    Engraving will be a bit of a challenge because of the lack of surface area. There may be an opportunity to do it on the top trailing edge of the plate but as you can see there isn't a huge amount of space up front.

    We'll see when the final prototypes arrive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt von Badinski View Post
    The Impero/Inclino kits are the reason why its taking us so long for Epic accessories - After you guys see what we have brewing it will make sense why its taking so long. There will be some nice announcements on that front very soon.

    Will you guys be at NAB?
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    We'll be at the show walking around checking things out but no booth this year. We will be at Cinegear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Teixeira View Post
    only now I realize it is not a real camera ... haha. how did they do that? painted wood?aluminum? very interesting ...
    That would be a 3D rendering, using the miracle of digital technology.
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    Any update on when these will be available?
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    We will have pics and a delivery date next week. We're sorting out the plating and finish now.
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    Any update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt von Badinski View Post
    Prototypes will be here on the 26th. It should be on the store soon. Tooling has taken a bit longer than expected.
    You meant 02/26 or 03/26 (lol).
    I really need this asap

    Quote Originally Posted by Curt von Badinski View Post
    The Impero/Inclino kits are the reason why its taking us so long for Epic accessories
    Detail on Date of Availability (Impero/Inclino) please
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    First articles are coming in on Tuesday. We'll post pics and let you guys know when they will be on the store at that time.
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