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    Hello Redusers!

    I couldnt find anny posts about this so here goes.
    I shot yesterday in bright sunlight just before dusk. For some reason the camera was set at 320ISO. Im sure I had it set at at 800ISO then I went from 4k to 3k and from 25fps to 50fps and found after 2-3shots that it was at 320?!. Anyway...
    We shot some takes at 320ISO and then we changed it to 800ISO. All this fottage is correctly exposed, so the question is will we notice any differance in the images? does the any of the ISO handle the highlights better, and if so how big is the differance? Im just curious, I guess time will tell if I screwed up and have to pull my pants down. :/
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    Iso is just metadata. If you exposed properly there shouldn't be a problem, Just adjust in post.
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    While the ISO is indeed just a metadata value, it still guides the monitoring path while shooting and will influence your exposure. Exposing for 320 is fine and you should not see any difference, if it was properly exposed in bounds at 300. By setting a higher ISO value, like 800, you often gain some more highlight protection as it leads to a bias for under-exposing a bit (compared to shooting at a lower ISO). As long as you didn't over-expose at 320, you should be just fine.
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    Remember to monitor Raw as well, if you're not clipping/crushing in Raw, you're fine
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