Thread: Panasonic VT30, Decklink HD Extreme, & DaVinci: No signal?

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  1. #1 Panasonic VT30, Decklink HD Extreme, & DaVinci: No signal? 
    I just got a new panasonic vt30 as a client monitor.

    I've got the signal being output for playback with the Decklink HD Extreme over HDMI.

    All signs point to things being good but I can't get a signal on the vt30. Just black.

    I tried reinstalling the card, updating to the latest driver, and anything else I could think if. Nothing has worked yet. I made sure to check the HDMI slots on the actual VT30. They all work perfect.

    I know I am getting a signal out of the card because I can plug it into my home Sony LCD and it works perfect.

    Any ideas as to where I am going wrong?

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    What video standard are you feeding the VT30 from the BM card?
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    I have vt30 And blackmagic 3D.
    Only 25p is not supported in hdmi. 50/60i And 24p is ok

    Grading Suite Davinci Resolve, Rental RED Digital camera.

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    I tried all the feeds.

    Still get nothing but black.

    Not sure what is going on here
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    Are you running the Beta version of resolve or the release version? If beta, you may try rolling back. Doing that cleared up my decklink problems.
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    I think this is the first version for Windows that I am on. Trying it out on a new station.

    I checked the support page but couldn't find any previous versions.

    8.2 Beta is what I am on.
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    Are you feeding it P or Psf ?
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    I tried both.

    I tried changing it on the actual Decklink Device manager page from psf to p.

    Then I went into Resolve and literally tried every output signal.

    No Change.

    I have tried all the out signals but nothing changes.
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    Do you know if you are using a hdmi 1.4 or 1.3 cable? It might not matter in this case, but I do notice some devices behave better with 1.3 cables. Obviously you wouldn't get certain features this way. If you have both types of cables, it's worth trying.
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    Just tried 3 different hdmi 1.4 and 1.3 cables.

    still no change.
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