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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent@RED View Post
    Brian, the structured communication involves an owner with an issue sending a support ticket to tech support and working directly with RED. Yes, REDUSER is great for community support and for us at RED to see trends, suggestions, etc - but the quickest path to direct resolution is communication between RED and its customers.

    And as N_Villers posted, when some people post that there are issues with the Rocket, it is human nature to think that the issue is bigger than it is. That whole "bad news travels faster than good news" thing. But, when we see a trend of people saying they have an issue, we certainly look into it. That is why I posted yesterday that our tech support and engineering teams have tracked this thread. I know some of the people who have posted on this thread also submitted support tickets and have been in communication with RED tech support. We listen to honest feedback and constructive criticism. Accusations, assumptions, and blanket statements - makes it tough. We can understand frustration. We just ask that you work WITH us, and not AGAINST us.

    That's fair enough Brent.
    I also appreciate you and Rob showing up on the thread.

    Brian Timmons
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    +1 for rocket armor!
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    I'm glad you posted the fix, Adam. My card crapped out on me earlier today - I have a feeling Chad's solution is what I may need as well to get it running again. Hope it works - transcoding without it, overnight...equals slow torture.

    I can totally understand why RED doesn't like whenever the alarms are sounded on these threads, because too many are too quick to lose their minds and blow perceived problems out of proportion....but I have been able to trouble-shoot a lot of my own issues from these threads, based on other users' thanks to RED for their patience with an open trouble-shooting process.
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    How long has the ROCKET been out? Computer component prices usually go down with time, but the ROCKET hasn't budged pricewise. One solution might be to keep the price the same but extend the warranty... if there's a low incident report then it should not be a problem to do so. Reliability concerns are certainly a serious issue for people (like me) who don't have a ROCKET but are potential customers. And I'm not just talking about this thread -- I've heard similar reports offline from ROCKET users. +1 for Rocket Armor, at least...
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    So I have recently run into an issue that I thought was my RED Rocket failing but turned out to be something else.

    I recently got into a new system - we're thinking about switching from Mac to PC and our first try was with a 12-core Westmere machine with 48Gb of RAM, Quadro 4000, GTX 590, HD Extreme and a RED Rocket. The system worked fine to start but when I upgraded the firmware on the Rocket, which came from another machine it stopped being recognized by the PC and I kept getting BSODs.

    We tried the dipswitch method and nothing. So we tested each component one by one to make sure we didn't spend $3000 in on a new Rocket if we didn't need to. Turns out the GTX 590 and the RED Rocket don't like each other. You can run one or the other, but not both. Weird.

    Has anyone had any similar experiences on here or are my cards going bad? I have a warranty on the 590 but not the Rocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriele Turchi View Post

    It should have 3 years warranty (not 1 year )
    It should, and I'd be more included to buy the old card now instead of waiting if they had a 5 year warranty. $5k is a hell of a lot of money to see your footage.
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    def +1 on this thread. I would like to see RED Armor for the Rocket. I have had 2 rockets fail for no reason with very little use on them!!!!!!!!!! Dip switch safe mode did not work or switching towers.

    I have 2 kona3 cards that take a beating going to and from set... Never a problem with them. Just sayin.
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    moved to a different PCI-E slot and it works fine...

    also removed a bad esata pcie card.. which might have been messing with it
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    Bump on old post but current issue for me. 2012 Retina Macbook pro with maxx digital mobile rocket will not see red rocket under pci cards?
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