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    @Steve I can't agree more, I hope all this is put behind me with great and fulfilling work. And I'd sure love it to be a Red. The idea of buying and selling an Red One MX hadn't occurred to me until I posted (which the whole thing was meant to be slightly funny, but honest expression of how I'm feeling waiting in blind faith for something).

    @Jim after spending the day trying to build packages that could potentially match up, I know exactly what you mean. Totally felt myself settling in different ways with each option. I do really want it, but at the same time I'm a believer that the tools are only a means to the end, and it's difficult to make anything without tools at all.

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    Get a RED One MX. Simple as that!
    Brilliant camera!!!

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    You will come back with more patience. :-D


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    dude. spend a few hundred on a dslr and make-do until it comes and save yourself a lot of impatience. i don't recommend giving up at this point - it's the final stretch. occupy yourself with something more important and fulfilling - accept the fact that you may have to make some temporary decisions for the next month or two and forget all the worrying about it.

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    That is too bad.

    You sound very busy with a lot of rental work.

    By now you would probably have an EPIC M paid off.

    You would have had it three days after ordering it.


    I hope you do really well with the camera you eventually choose.

    "Colors are the wounds of light."
    -William Blake

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    isn't it also true that any of the current crop of competing cameras have an exorbitant wait time? Is the c300 even available yet for purchase? I think B&H is taking orders but I don't know about delivery...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Droz Palermo View Post
    I make a living - that is, pay my bills and feed myself - using their equipment. Through all the hiccups, I still wanted to continue to. But I'm left with little choice at this point.
    With what my friend ?
    Camera rental or filmmaking ?

    Quote Originally Posted by jimhare View Post
    Don't compromise project after project on a lesser camera.
    Because, with all due respect: it's not the camera making your project, it's you and your script.

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    I can feel a big part of the frustration is the BS that red has thrown around and still not straitened out. Jim made a bold statement before N3, he said announce and ship, no BS, i believe somewhere he even said something about abundant stock but i could be mistaken/don't recall

    then N3 comes around and boom, instant waiting list. no eta, no nothing, i feel your pain OP, i was interested in the cam as well until i saw that the typical antics were still there.

    they seem to have no management, i mean comon, no predictions at all from their production line? how hard is it to tell your customers how many cameras are produced per day, and how many orders are there?

    i think there answer is obvious: they don't want people running away when they hear that the wait time is months. smart tactic for sales? yes. piss off your customers at the same time? yup. do they care? i've no idea, i've never dealt with them.

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    You have to wonder what makes someone an expert on RED who has been here less than a month, posted twice, and has "never dealt with them." And the bigger question is - why do they even care?

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    surely Andrew you would be far better off with a Red MX than a scarlet anyway if you are wanting to shoot a feature.
    Why wait, You could have a full feature package all ready to go.
    last month I finished a 54 day shoot on a feature film with my 2 Red MX's and everyone is over the moon with the footage, do not think the scarlet would have done any better.
    Riki Butland GBCT
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