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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Droz Palermo View Post
    Ultimately my partner and I decided to wait for the Scarlet...
    You won't regret it. Trust me.
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    "appraised" - ??

    We should all contribute as much as Mr. Jobs did.

    No one should do business with a company they believe is inflicting "real damage" to them with their "bullshit." Simple as that. Lots of cameras out there.
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    i ordered on the 4th and i'm pick it up on monday in full - i would wait if you can

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    since november 10 no news...not even a come???
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    I completely understand your reaction.

    Its 2012, the end of the world, and a company with great technology can't spend a few thousand to write a simple web program to estimate shipping dates. wop wop wop

    but its great you know why? cause all ARRI has to do is provide excellent customer support, and the cute chick that treats you right will get the wife nomination...

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    I sense a troll... And a thread that's about to go downhill fast.
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