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    Epic #22 is complete. Quad batt module arrived this week being the last stage 2 accesory on the list.
    i am now officially NOT waiting for anything :-)

    Jason Wingrove
    Director, Cinematographer

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    Oooh that's awesome! So it's good to hear the quad batt module is going out! I went into the red store today and picked up a bunch of little bits for my epic rig. Still waiting for side handle, SSD and canon mount though. congrats on completely your rig!!! My epic is a little later than yours haha, but I just had 2 zeroes in the middle of your serial number :)) (#2020!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    I won't tell you all to "shut the fuck up" until the day after we stop asking you to patiently wait :)

    heh heh heh.
    This is now ... :0)...

    Paul Ellington
    director/dp & writer

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