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    What does this mean for Stage 3.5 and 4?

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    I'm thinking stage 3.5 and 4 will get serviced if there is a camera ready but no stage III return available, and of course when Stage III is done it will be Stage 3.5 and 4. Finally when Stage 3.5 is done, RED becomes a leaner meaner fighting Machine!
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    O Happy Day! (I'll still have a bit of a wait, but I guess we're closer now.) :-)
    Jim McKinney
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent@RED View Post
    Your notice will include all the next steps for you to take in order to send in your eligible RED ONE(s) for trade-in evaluation.

    Just FYI, will all cameras have to be evaluated at the RED factory? Or will RED Europe be able to do evaluations at Pinewood, for instance? I know a couple of UK RED guys who would be interested in the answer to that!

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    Thank you!
    Joseph Q. Simpkins
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    Great news! Can't wait to send in my camera : )
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    Can't wait! I'm shooting in Ukraine in late March. Think I'll have it by then?

    If not I know my RED Ones will serve me well...just a bit heavier! :-)

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    Oh yeah! :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent@RED View Post
    Your notice will include all the next steps for you to take in order to send in your eligible RED ONE(s) for trade-in evaluation. As Jarred posted, you will get a notice for each RED ONE based on its delivery date. So if you have multiple cameras over multiple delivery dates, you will get an email per delivery date.

    First blast will be relatively small as we want to see how the program flows so we know how many people we can blast how often. From there, we ramp to optimal numbers. Remember, we want you "camera-less" for as little time as possible between getting in your RED ONE and receiving your EPIC...

    Please, try to refrain from "when will I get my notice?" emails/posts/calls, the answer will be "as soon as your delivery date is up" :)

    Thanks Jarred & Brent for letting us know.
    Could you please give us some indication of the EPIC X availability and how production is coming on as the last we hear is "production would ramp up" but no indication of if it has and how many RED are able to produce. Just trying to get an indication of timings as if the cameras are only being made at say 5 a day it means a long wait. As such we all have no idea of how EPIC X's production pace is. I totally appreciate that getting REDONE's back and evaluated will slow things up but if EPIC X's are slow to come of the production line that adds to the hold up.
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