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    1. Interchangeable lense mount
    2. S35 sensor
    3. Variable frame speeds
    4. 2k at least
    5. price not more than 10000usd
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    1. 35mm-sized sensor 1080p at 2k RAW
    2. Nikkor-lenses should be mountable.
    3. Price tag 3-4k
    4. slow motion recording
    5. built in EVF and composite out(!) and HDMI-out for broadcast monitors
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    XLR audio inputs for microphones. Holder for microphone.
    48 khz 24 bit.

    At least 1080p.
    CF card
    Included lcd
    HDMI output
    Firewire/USB to computer connection for filetransfers.
    Some small standard battery.
    35mm sensor or maybe 16mm, with different lensmounts
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    1 Redcode RAW
    2 Minimum 1080p, 2k would be great, 4k freaking awesome
    3 Solid state recording device: CF cards or solid state hard drives
    4 Range of connectivity: HDMI out, Audio in/out, Timecode, HD-SDI
    5 Variable frame rates: 24p, 25p, 30p at minimum, but higher rates that can be externally controlled through a laptop would be brilliant!

    I am undecided about lenses... I think it would make sense to put a decent zoom lens on this model and use the Red One for interchangable lenses.
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    1. good price
    2. good price
    3. Interchangeable lense mount
    4. Variable frame speeds
    5. minimum 2k

    ... and beauuutiful design :matrix:
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    my top five, in order...

    1. s35 sensor at 2K minimum
    2. nikon lens mount (because I have a lot of those)
    3. excellent low light sensitivity
    4. solid state recording
    5. variable framerates
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    1. Will accept 1080p to 60fps (if image is a RED image and not a poor current corporation fake "1080p" image) but prefer 2k to 120fps.
    2. If built in lens have decent zoom (say 16-20x).
    3. A high quality/resolution LCD Viewfinder that is move-able (ala Canon Still/vid cams)
    4. Record to onboared CF Card standard as well as onboard CF and external HDD at same time.
    5. Priced below 2500USD (that doesnt mean 2499).

    6. A cool machined shape like RED ONE rez holders got. lol
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    Some people have wish lists that would not seem to fit into a pocket sized camera
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    I imagine that some price breaks happen when you build in features. As long as it fits in my pocket I don't really even care what the specs are right now (riding on a high of just getting the red in- I'll buy anything right now) :)
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    Most people seem to be staying somewhere near the possible.... better to be surprised than disapointed ;-)

    For me, ideally...

    S35 sensor size
    2k RAW
    Takes the Birger lens mount
    variable framerate upto 60fps (including timelapse)
    CF cards

    Although cold science makes me think s16 is more likely....
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