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    Quote Originally Posted by Karim D. Ghantous View Post
    I'm not sure if I would take that position. This test (which I have posted on a different thread) says a lot about how poor the 16-35/2.8 L is wide-open, even in the centre:

    Of course it could be sample variation, but that is not a get-out-of-jail card.
    considering the fact it's being compared wide open to a leica and a zeiss prime... i think it holds up kind of alright. (the nikon is sharper than the canon, it's just all messed up in that test) but what do you expect? if you want ultimate sharpness, use primes. period.

    the canon L's don't happen to be my favorite lens choice for every application, but at the end of most days they do a pretty decent job in the field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julio Quintana View Post
    For those sorts of projects, you have a great lens package. You are covered from 11-200mm for $6000. That is the best value you are likely to find for your Scarlet.

    Totally, you have great lens set, I have the same... yes the 24-70 may not be the sharpest at 2.8 but its sharp enough, and gets sharper between f4-f8. Keep-em you wont find better for that price!
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