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    As far as what fcp/Prores should be, would still like to understand how it works
    Last time I tried, I could not bring legal video into FCP correctly. Try the Belle-Nuit Test chart, shows gamma too. Import into Avid with the 709 setting ("leave untouched"). Try and accomplish the same in FCP. I couldn't make it work.

    if for example created a spot in fcp from start to finish
    and import that into AVID and chose 709 on import, levels are not right
    ProRes again, probably. My guess is that it has a display correction to adjust internal video levels for display on desktop monitors. That said, it causes troubles everywhere. I would love for it to go away.
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    QuickTime is most likely the culprit, especially MoviePlayer X. Also make sure you don't have Perian and other type "assistants" as they mess with gamma/levels as well.

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