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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post
    But in fairness, they have a RAW development source window for RED, which is where I was thinking this would end up if anywhere. That way, it's treated like FLUT, or any other parameter in there. Now, I completely admit I'm not sure exactly what they are doing with Alchemy. I have my theories, but that's all they are. So again, maybe it's not something that actually belongs in the REDCODE RAW source settings and perhaps is more like a plug-in. I'd have to be schooled on exactly how Alchemy is working.
    Actually RAW settings adjustments are pain in the behind in Resolve. Right clicking on the selection, moving controls with a mouse, not seeing the RAW adjustments in the nodes window, etc. It's no picnic. Unless absolutely needed, I rarely touch those controls. Plug in is the right way to do it, that is unless someone else comes up with a better way. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, all RAW processing is done in CPU and not GPU. As it is, CPUs already are busy with debayering. IMHO, Alchemy in SDK is not it...
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    very much looking forward to the description of the process. thanks bruce. and thanks lowe.
    Richard Gluck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Pasquariello View Post
    AWESOME quote. AWESOME grades, too.

    Just want to add my voice that any finer details you supply, I will be absorbing like a sponge. I'm eagerly awaiting more info.
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard G View Post
    very much looking forward to the description of the process. thanks bruce. and thanks lowe.
    I'm not sure if this is what you want, Richard - but I have updated my original post now with 4 pages of detailed madness :)

    Questions? Was going to do a part 5 but am a little tired now...

    Bruce Allen
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    Bruce, for a Resolve newbie, this was a real eye-opener. Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing, Bruce. I think that is one of the most precise, yet through, grading guides I have read! Very well presented.
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    Wow. Amazing, that's really helpful. Thanks again for sharing!!
    William Schultz // Commercial Film and Video Editor
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Allen View Post
    "Real pros can make something awesome with like 3 nodes."
    It's not always about the number of nodes -- it's trying to figure out the shortest path to get the job done. I don't think it was necessary to enable 10 nodes to get this shot corrected, but everybody has a different style. Bear in mind you can do more than one correction within one node, and sometimes a parallel node is a wiser choice than a serial node. In other cases, the problem with serial nodes that build on top of each other (like 8-9-10), you may find that the later nodes are undoing what you did in previous nodes. Worse, they can start introducing noise when you start pushing levels too far.

    Typically, I only start slamming this many nodes (or layers) when I encounter really problematic footage, which I don't think this is. Having said that, I think the stills look very beautiful.

    I am also not boosting saturation in the dark stuff because there's quite a lot of color noise there.
    You gotta wonder why that's happening; it's also discussed in this thread elsewhere.
    marc wielage, csi • colorist/post consultant • daVinci Resolve Certified Trainer
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    Thanks Bruce!!!!

    One of the best useful posts at RED User forum lately!!!!

    Also looking forward in a near future that you could show us

    how to color correct or grade skin tones on R3D files using Resolve + other helper apps..
    "There is no point in having sharp images when you've fuzzy ideas."
    Jean-Luc Godard.

    Dynamic range is, after all, the measurement between well saturation (photosite blowout) and noise floor.
    Thom Hogan
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    Great post indeed. Thank you.
    Filming from the middle of the world.
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    Bruce - this is brilliant, thank you!
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