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    Found preset with burned in Timecodes.
    Replaced the R3D2AVS.ZIP
    It contains 3 sample presets.

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    thank you very much. I have a problem that i I can't figure out why it's happening. when I opened your .exe it asked me to point to my r3dsource.dll in the avisyth plugin folder and I did. I created 1 .avs file using the r3d2avs.exe (how do I use presets?, I put just in the same folder?). after that I open the .avs file in AnothereGUI, which is linked to ffmpeg to encode prores. I get instantly an error saying: impossible to load r3dsource.dll from avisynth folder...What am I missing? thank you very much, I'm very new to this avisynth world....
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    MediaPlayer or VLC player should play those AVS files.
    So you will see are the AVS files correct.

    Avisynt or is it RED SDK doesn't like local non US characters.
    Check your folder names.

    Also had issues with AVS files on 64-bit Windows.

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    mediaplayer plays the file correctly no issues at all... I don't understand what's wrong.
    the error I'm gettin is exactly this:
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    No idea here.
    May be it is wort to download new ffmpeg.
    We use 32-bit ffmpeg even on 64-bit Windows as 64-bit ffmpeg has more problems.


    PS.Just made a AVS file from Red clip and converted with 32-bit ffmpeg on Win7 64-bit computer. Worked.
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    Thank you, now it works perfectly, the only thing is that cpu used is only about 30%...anyway to speed it up? maybe using avisynth 64 bit?
    thanks again
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    32-bit Avisynth v258
    32-bit ffmpeg static binary
    64-bit Win7
    4 physical cores with HT
    Getting constanntly 98-99% with 8 threads coding R3D -> AVS -> ProRes 185

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    Hi, just found this very interesting thread.
    So, is there any way to export to Prores from Redcine X (pro or not) on a windows PC ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nils Ruinet View Post
    Hi, just found this very interesting thread.
    So, is there any way to export to Prores from Redcine X (pro or not) on a windows PC ?
    Nils, I found a slightly complicated way of doing it by feeding files to FFMPEG which can actually encode ProRes. A little tricky to set up, but at least it'll run at the same time as your Redcine X batch.

    It's a different approach from AVS.

    To answer your question directly: no, there is no proper way to encode ProRes from Redcine X on Windows.
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    Is there any form of an Hardware based encoder. Something that you can pass data through that will encode to a storage device. I am thinking of something similar to an external recorder... but rather than connecting to the camera directly, it connects to a computer system that passes data through it???

    All of this aside from the fact that: you could output from your PC through and IO card such as the Decklink to a recorder that records to prores (playback capture would most liely not work very well)... but that would not work... I don't think??? But something similar in concept outputting data rather than actual video signal.

    I don't know... but there needs to be a PC based solution for ProRes encoding... and if it could realtime record/encode or utilize the Red Rocket... that would be so helpful!!!!

    On another note... what file system are you guys using for clients whom are editing on mac... or mac and windows? Macdrive? Fat 32 does not seem to work due to the 4 Gb limit, and I find it to be a limitation at one point or another.
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