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    This problem is posted in the MC Mac forum at Avid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Huson View Post
    Hey Jake

    You might be experiencing a known bug- are you on a Mac where the... What's it called... Menu bar (?) is on the right hand monitor? You need to move it too the left monitor. I had this problem when I added Media Composer to my resolve system- which has the 'main' monitor on the right. On a two-monitor system media composer wants to put the video screens to othe right of the monitor with the menu bar- even when there's no monitor there.

    This may also NOT obey your problem...
    Interesting. Yes, my monitor is on the right. I'll try this today.
    Thanks mate!
    Jake Blackstone
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    I've just spent the last two days editing in MC6 realtime, sourcing the R3D files via AMA.

    My setup...

    - MacBook Pro 17" (8G Ram; AMD Radeon HD 6750M)
    - CalDigit VR (Only using firewire 800!!)
    - MC6 playback quality set to medium (half green; half yellow)

    I was very surprised at the fact I was getting realtime on my laptop using a FW800 drive.

    Also applied various speed changes, transitions and zooms before exporting an AAF for Resolve. It conformed without any issue and carried over all speed changes etc. Pretty darn cool.

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    Green/yellow is 1/4 debayer for 4K media in a 1920 x 1080 project. The project raster size uses the nearest larger debayer size automatically when in green/green mode. So for 4K media it is becomes 2K (slight larger than 1920 x 1080, scaled to HD. Green/Yellow is then half of that, thus 1/4 and yellow/yellow is 1/8th.

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