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  #1 EPIC + Leica-M + Pier 59 
    Pier 59 with the assistance of Leica have been testing the RED DSMC Leica-M mount in NY this week... The results have been incredible.

    Thought I would share some of the feedback :

    "I had a dream 10 years ago that I would mount our Noctilux-M onto a small "box" and motion would come out of it. Today that dream came true. It was Epic.

    Now that EPIC works with the LEICA-M mount, RED has just opened cinema to the world of still photography in a way that no other motion picture camera has ever been able to do."

    Justin Stailey

    "The NOCTILUX is the END-OF-THE-LINE in available light candid image capture; it is not just about the speed of, but the ineffable mystique of the lens. Similarly, it is not enough to simply put this lens on a camera; the RED EPIC is the perfect match, as it brings the handheld, LEICA-M single operator world of voyeuristic street photography Into the realm of cinema."

    Mark Anton Read

    " When I heard that click sound between the Leica Lens and the Epic... I knew it was the REAL DEAL!!! It was Epic !!! "

    Tony Jay
    Pier 59 Studios

    Mark Self Shot

    Fabio Chizzola

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    nice !
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    Congrats Mark and everyone involved!!! Awesomeness!
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    Where is Sanjin?

    hehehe, nice one.
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    I think we're going to see a lot of impressive Leica M work. High quality and compact glass is real desirable for certain situations. Leica and Red is going to be a very popular trend imo.
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    delicious! I'm excited to see what comes from this beautiful combo.
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    Okay, yeah I know, we can't be without a RED LEICA M mount either, with the S2 and the LEICA Summilux-C Primes coming... ;)

    Oh and that little Leica D-Lux5 I carry every were to have any one take BTS with... ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Crawford View Post
    delicious! I'm excited to see what comes from this beautiful combo.
    will be sharing footage soon :)
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    This is badass, thanks Jarred.
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