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    I'm working in Final Cut Pro 7.

    I XML out to RCX-Pro and do the initial grade.

    I am trying to get those grades to carry over to Resolve

    The only way I have been getting the cuts to carry over is by exporting the timeline as R3D Trim and generating xml of that. The problem is the RCX grade does not show up when now in Resolve.

    Any suggestions?

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    Dunno why this apparently was changed between 7 and 8, but here goes.

    1 remember to "automatically save rmd" in the RCX prefpane

    After conform to Resolve, in the browser tab, select all clips
    Right click and choose red settings

    change that setting to clip and apply to all

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    I guess this should be in the RCX section now.
    I see my problem at this point. When I send it to online in RCX and link to the R3D's, if I have several sections on one clip then it only wants to save one RMD. When I export the timeline as R3D Trim it does not save the RMD's from those clips into the new clips it makes. It cuts them but it still wants to save one RMD for the source file and not the individual clips.

    I actually see the save the RMD Sidecar box now.
    All works.
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