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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy Bakewell View Post
    Anyone know approx when thr REDmote pro will arrive? 3-6 months? A year? Longer?
    Very good question......

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    Asked this Q in another thread, but didn't get an answer. Anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Howden View Post

    Can you comment on the responsiveness of the Redmote Pro and Canon L Series glass? Could you 'competently, accurately, and quickly' pull focus with this system? ie if one was looking at setting a kit up and deciding on glass would you recommended (given the above) the Canon glass? Responsiveness though? :-)
    Have the same question... along with how SMOOTH the focus pulling is. If you look at this, for example:

    The focus "steps" like crazy. Is it possible to electronically pull focus with Canon L glass much more smoothly?

    I'm not asking about the REDMOTE PRO because obviously no one's used it, but as a matter of the lens itself -- with the Birger mount, for example, was it as smooth as a physical FF?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Koo View Post
    Thanks Demetri, but yes as Andrew said -- no one actually wants to pull focus with a scroll wheel. Compare that to the smooth action seen here:
    I'm using a Zacuto follow focus on Canon lenses. Works fine, completely viable option. The resistance of the wheel might feel better than electronic control (which I have not tried). I hope the Redmote has tension on the wheel, or an adjustment for that.

    I'm using Zacuto bolt on rings until Nikon mount comes out; then I'll go delrin when I've tested both set ups. Gonna have a Canon 16-35 vs. Nikon 17-35 shootout.
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    Cant wait for that shoot out.
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