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Hi Paul, I was wondering if you had any background on "Murder at the Vanities" which had some music done by Duke Ellington (I think he was one of the main actors too). I was reading some random french cinema article that referenced it, the movie seems to be clouded in a bit of mystery. This is for a bit of just random research I'm doing on pre-code Hollywood, and the transition to sound (especially the involvement of the Jazz scene, and how people were excluded as the transition occurred).
That is a large subject, and I can't sit and BS about it because I take film history very seriously. I am very familiar with pre-code but don't have any personal info on that particular movie. My Grandfather acted in a few films such as "Black & Tan Fantasy" "Cabin In The Sky" & of course my favorite "Anatomy Of A Murder"... I believe he is also one of the first musicians to be nominated for a Grammy and an Oscar for the same recording "Paris Blues".

I am delighted you are doing such research, and would love to see it when it's done!

My best to you and yours.

- E