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  1. #1 Scarlet X and your choice of Lense(s) 
    So I wanted to get a thread going about what Lenses all the soon to be Scarlet X owners will use for their new power house.

    I am one of those that need to add some glass to this beast of a camera and was hoping for some inspiration!
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    just get one lens, if you can't afford many, and if you wish to practice and /or work like a pro..... Red zoom 18-85mm or 17-50mm. you can go for canon lenses but in my opinion Red zoom and prime lenses will do the perfect justice to the power of this camera. however if you can't afford Red lenses than you can go for canon lenses. and one more thing, Red pl lenses are the best value for money in comparison to any other pro pl lens on planet earth. all the best
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    Great thread.

    Look forward to watching it develop and contributing if I have anything worth sharing.

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    Recommend the RED Pro 17-50mm (the 18-85mm is to heavy) and the RED Pro Prime 85mm. Thats enough for 95% of all situations.
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    Ordered the Scarlet PL (as soon as the servers stopped being wonky), and to begin I'll use the first versions of the RED 18-50 & 50-150 that I've been using on my AF100's for the last year. Those two lenses have covered about 95% of the work I've done, with the occasional rental of something wider / longer.
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    I'll be using all canon
    24-105 L
    24-70 L
    35 1.4 L
    50 1.2 L
    85 1.2 L
    efs 17-55
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    Would fullframe carl zeiss lenses be a better option than the 18-85mm RPZ?

    I´m having really big doubts here..
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    I have thought hard about the RED Pro 17-50mm, but I think I am going to hold off until the RED electronic lenses make an appearance.

    I will be using my Nikon 24-70, Nikon 85mm 1.4G, and Tokina 11-16, when I want touch focus/rack, and weight is not an issue.

    I am also assembling a Leica M set for the ultimate lightweight go anywhere kit (which I am super excited about!):
    Leica 35mm f2.5 Summarit-M
    Leica 50mm F2 Summicron-M
    Leica 90mm f2 Summicron-M
    (hoping Spacecam adds some more wide lenses to their mod list)
    REDucation 005
    WEAPON MG #00916

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    My recommendation from 3 years of Canon VDLSR use:

    Tokina 11-16- The best wide angle I have for APS-C Sized sensors
    Canon 24 1.4L/ The camera I use most with my FUll frame 5D. Looks also stunning on a 7D.
    Canon 50 1.4- Bang for the buck. No weather sealing, terrible lens barrel. But provides very pretty pictures and nice Bokeh
    Canon 80 1.2- Absolutely stunning in my 5D. In the 7D it becomes a 100 and lack of image stabilization hurts for non tripod works
    Canon 135 F2L Another stunning and sharp lens from Canon. In APS-C it really requires a tripod for video. One of my favorite portrait lenses for Still photography.
    Canon 24-105 IS F4- The key here is the IS. Its as close as a regular video camera lens that is bang for the buck for Canon cameras.
    Canon 16-35 2.8L- Constant aperture lens that becomes a nice medium range lens in APS-C. Its a soft lens on Still mode, don't know how it will perform on the 4K Scarlet.
    Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II- fantastic zoom so sharp that creates aliasing in tele in the 7D and 5D. It should be spectacular on the Scarlet. Image stabilization makes Telephoto handheld possible.
    Canon Extender 1.4X and 2X III- great bang for the buck to turn your tele lenses into super telephoto lenses. i own both of these and they are excellent... for daytime shooting. They raise minimum aperture of the attached lens significantly.

    Canon 14 2.8- My favorite wide angle lens for photography and 5D mark II video shooting, but is so sharp it creates too much aliasing artifacts. In the Red Scarlet, should provide very sharep images, but it would lose its main attribute, which is its ultra wide angle characteristics. The Tokina is a better buy for wide angle shots.

    Canon 50 1.2L- This lens is a big improvement in still photography vs the 50 1.4, but in DSLR video its negligible. Don't know how the better optics and improved sharpness will look on the 4K Scarlet. It has better bokeh for pictures, though.

    Hope this is good food for thought!
    Sérgio Perez

    Weapon Helium "Zariel" in Macau

    Video Director/Creative/Producer
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    I'll happily use my set of zeiss ZF lenses:
    25mm f2.8
    50mm f1.4
    85mm f1.4

    by the time I pay off the scarlet, I will send them to duclos.

    and less preferred, but also will use for now:
    sigma 20mm f1.8
    nikkor 35mm f2.8
    nikkor 135mm f2.8

    I am always leaning to using strictly prime lenses, feels like a much more proactive workflow for me.

    Now I have to contemplate which adapter to use until RED brings out the nikon mount. Although the A-mount looks pretty darn tempting.
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