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No ones freaking out just trying to get clarification as to what you are specifically referring to because when you make a blanket statement that Premiere renders aren't as good as Resolve or Color you can mislead people without a proper explanation. That said, you are comparing apples to oranges here anyway.
Look, I'm not disagreeing with you in the points you make. I won't be coloring a film in Premiere anytime soon but finishing and rendering are a different story.
Well I suppose I was wrong to say you had a freak out, but that's the impression I get from writing that doesn't use line breaks (aka pragraphs) ... likeitsallruntogether if you know what I mean. I probably go too far the other way, using too many line breaks.

You can't finish without rendering right? I mean that's an essential step. And if your renders aren't up to "the standard" you can't use the result.

That's why I figured any one reading my original post in this thread wouldn't get confused or excited about the negative things I have to say about Adobe CS 5.5 video applications. Being able to finish - even on the low end- is actually a high standard in my book.

Now I do have an unfortunate habit of lumping together "image processing" and "rendering" because, no problems with image processing are permanent until rendering occurs. That's not hyper precise, but I hope it makes sense.