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    [edit: P-TAP to USB adapter now live in the VF store!
    [edit: REDmote charging cable info posted below in post two!]
    [edit: APU-AB Anton Bauer below in post two!]
    [edit: APU-AB now live in the VF store!
    [edit: APU-IDX now live in the VF store!]
    [edit: Yes, the APU and all of our other accessories are Scarlet compatible!]
    [edit: This thread has been locked, a new thread will be opened soon]

    Hey guys,

    After months of prototyping, testing and feedback, I want to finally introduce the first of the Auxiliary Power Unit battery plates for the Epic.

    The APU-IDX is a tremendously flexible V-mount battery plate designed for use with the Epic. Instead of making a simple bolt-on battery plate that would only be useful in one mode, we wanted to design our battery plates so that they would be adaptable to the many different configurations that are possible with the Epic. The Epic is an exceptionally dynamic camera and the design needed to match that. I think that we've succeeded.

    First thing's first: the specs.

    The APU-IDX features a genuine IDX battery plate which is compatible with all normal V-mount batteries. The IDX plates are the strongest and most consistent in the industry. They're sturdy, secure and resilient. If you've not used one before, you'll be in for a treat. These plates are the best of the best. The battery plate is fused to protect your camera and features a single P-Tap accessory power output.

    The plate connects using the standard Epic power Lemo. As you can see in the picture above, you will not need to use an adapter cable to plug in the battery plate. The cables are properly shielded and grounded to protect your camera's power input from potentially harmful RF interference. Proper cable shielding is critical with advanced cameras like the Epic.

    People have been asking for different battery plates from the beginning. Some people want the smallest and lightest battery plate possible, one which they can mount directly to the body. Some people want one that they can mount on other accessories like iris rods so they can balance their rigs. Others have preexisting accessories like the Backpack which they don't want to eliminate. A lot of people are just waiting it out to see what turns up as the Epic evolves.

    We wanted to make a plate which could fit into all of these scenarios. The trick is in how you mount it.

    In its lightest mode, the battery plate attaches directly to the Epic camera body. It's as flush as possible, very lightweight and very secure. But what if you want to remove it. See the red button?

    The red button releases the plate from the support screws mounted on the camera. Just push the button, lift the plate up and pull it off... it's super simple. Installing it is just as simple... just push the button, slide it on and release. It's *very* secure and mounts without slop. If you want to mount it more securely to prevent accidental release, just install a cap screw into the tapped hole in the button and the plate is locked on. It's a very beefy connection... and it'll hold whatever you mount on it.

    If you look carefully on the back of the plate you'll see a row of 1/4-20 tapped holes. These holes are in standard RED 9mm spacing and can be used to mount any number of preexisting mounting brackets or accessories to the plate to facilitate your own mounting. Want to mount it on a rod the way you did with your RED One? Screw it to an iris rod bracket that you already own. Want to mount it to the side of the camera instead? Anything with a 1/4-20 is another option for mounting the plate.

    That brings up the next logical question: what about cable length?

    The cable on any APU plate is both user adjustable and user replaceable. You can shorten or lengthen the cable to whatever length suits your mounting choice or desired slack. Want to mount it farther away from the camera? Just pick your length and buy the cable. There is a connector to release the cable inside of the APU - no soldering required. Just unscrew the IDX plate, disconnect the old cable and connect the new one. Pick your length, clamp it in place and screw the IDX plate back on. It's super simple and it means that the cable can be the perfect length for your rig.

    The part that excites me the most is what I can't show you yet - the APU Interface Adapter. I'll be able to post pictures tomorrow in the post below.

    The APU Interface Adapters are adapter plates based around the quick-release mechanism we've built into the plate. The adapters enable you to mount the plate in any way that you prefer.

    Want to mount the APU on your Epic Backpack? Just snap in the Interface Adapter for the Backpack and the battery plate now has a compatible dovetail to slide right in. Want to mount it on the FMJ or Stealth Plate? Just snap in the screw-through Interface Adapter and you can add the quick release interface wherever you want it. Want to mount the APU to the back of your camera, no matter what Epic module you have? No problem - just install the appropriate Interface Adapter and you're in business. You can always have the APU at the back of your camera no matter what.

    That essentially means that no matter what interface is introduced or what position you want to mount your battery plate in... you're always just an inexpensive adapter away from it working.

    Next, the REDmote:

    Thankfully, this solution is already shipping. What you're seeing here is a combination of the Stealth Plate and the Shuttle Mount for the REDmote. You can mount the REDmote wherever you want it.

    But what about power? We're working on a line of power cables for the REDmote to keep it charged when you're wearing the APU on the back. The first one will be a P-Tap to USB cable for charging from the APU-IDX or APU-AB. The other ones? That's a secret for now...

    So, to summarize:
    • IDX Battery Plate
    • Compatible with Epic-M, Epic-X or Scarlet
    • User-replaceable shielded power cable with Epic Lemo
    • P-Tap accessory power output
    • Quick-release mounting mechanism with available Interface Adapter plates
    • Simple, lightweight and tremendously flexible

    The APU-IDX starts shipping next Friday and is available for order on the Viewfactor site for $699.

    I'll post more pictures on Monday along with as a rendering of the APU-AB - the APU-IDX's Anton Bauer twin. The APU-AB is coming very soon... this is just the beginning. :)

    I hope you guys like it!
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    As promised, the Anton Bauer version of the APU! Order details soon!

    P-tap to USB adapter
    Charge your REDmote or iDevice from the camera!



    More details in post #365

    P-TAP to USB adapter now live in the VF store!
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    looks nice!
    def. will order!
    thanks mr. willard!

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    Awesome design Brook!

    Love the name...

    All the best,
    Tom Gough
    Digital Imaging Technician

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    exactly what we need right now

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    Well played sir.

    Cheers - #19

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    Well done Brook, well done indeed. Appears to have the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as the FMJ line. Cheers.
    Clay Haskell, ICG
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    Great product !
    Gino Papineau

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    incredible.... thanks for making it future proof....
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    While I was reading the OP I kept thinking "but how will you be able to.... OHHHH he's thought of that, clever!"

    It's like a Steve Jobs keynote... 'but wait there's more'

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