I have a great Epic package for rent here in the LA area with the latest Dragon sensor. I've assembled it with the budget-conscious and indie productions in mind; and I rent at very reasonable rates. Various lens sets including anamorphics.
Must have production insurance or bring me on as DP/operator/DIT.




EPIC-X PACKAGE (Dragon Sensor)
• EPIC-X 5K Digital Cinema Camera from RED. Customized with top cheese plate and bottom riser w/XLR Audio.
• Touchscreen Monitor
• (4) 128GB RedMags
• RedMag 1.8" SSD Reader
• Redmote
• Side Handle
• Bomb EVF

• Optimo Rouge Zooms 16-42 & 30-80
• Red Pro Prime T1.8 Lens Set 18/25/35/50/85/100
• Duclos 11-16mm PL lens
• Lomo anamorphic lenses (PL). 35mm Square Front; 50mm, 75mm, 200mm Roundfront.
• Leica R Prime set, Duclos cine modded (19/24/28/35/50/60/90/135/180)
• Nikon 200mm F2 Prime in PL
• Zoom lens (20-120mm) T3.1 with anamorphic (2:35:1) adapter and teleconverter (40-240mm)
• Superspeed Prime Lens Set.* Lomo/Ekran (10mm T2.8, 18mm T3, 22mm T1.6, 28mm T1.4, 35mm T1.4, 50mm T1.4, 75mm T1.6, 100mm T2.8, 300mm T3.9, 75mm Macro T2.1)

• 6 batteries, 2 chargers, wall power supply
• Sachtler Video-30 Heavy Duty Tripod (Mitchell)
• Sachtler Video-20 Light Duty Tripod with Gitzo Carbon sticks for Run & Gun applications. 100mm to Mitchell adapter & Tie-Down.
• Ronford Standard & Baby Legs (Mitchell)
• Hi-Hat (Mitchell)
• MoVi M10 gyro stabilizer.
• Hocus Wireless Follow Focus.
• Teradek Bolt Wireless HD Transmitter/Receiver system.
• Element Technica Mantis hand-held rig (Modded)
• Arri FF4 Follow Focus with whip
• Panasonic LH1700 HD field monitor with waveform & vectorscope, C-Stand Mount & Porta-Brace Case, (2) 50' BNC HD-SDI cables
• Arri MB20 Matte Box (4x5.65)
• 4x5.65 Filters (Black Promist: 1/4, 1/2, Clear, 80A, ND: .6, .9, Hot Mirror, 138mm pola, ND1.2+Hot Mirror, ND1.8+Hot Mirror, Classic Soft 1/4 1/2 1)
• 5.65x5.65 Filters (Grad ND SE 6, Grad ND SE 9)

Ring me, let's chat.

Morgan Schmidt