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    While I don't know enough about the Red touchscreen specifically. I've had problems with mine as well. Most touch screens work by sensing the small electrical charge that naturally occurs in your body. With some people this charge is greater through their fingers than with others. Also environment can be a factor. But if that is how the 5" works it does explain why some people it just works better with than others.

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    I've found that a very very light touch is 95% effective. Some people are used to pressing harder on touch screens, so I tell them to be really gentle with the touch and that seems to do the trick.
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    Finger nail ??
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    I use a capacitive stylus, which works pretty well. Its main usess, for me, is to avoid fingerprints and use with a Hoodman. The weakest part of any touch display is near the edge, which is where most companies place menus. :)
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    While starting up my X for the first time today my TS was not working well, especially the top was insensitive, start up would soemtimes solve it, but then it would not respond after a couple of seconds . A different TS worked much better, so I mailed my Rep Alan Piper, who responded in 3 minutes (!), new firmware did not work, and also the test function in the TS showed very weird behavior , blue blocks appearing in the lower part of the screen, when I was pushing on the top. By accident I borrowed a Redmote, and after attaching it everything worked fine .
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    Yeah I wish I could use the side handle or the remote, but I'm still waiting on both unfortunately...

    Hmmm... hard to tell from the comments if this is bad touch screen or just me, buggy firmware. Seems to be hit and miss with a lot of people.
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    I had issues when using my touchscreen yesterday for the first time. Just got my X, haven't had chance to reinstall firmware but I'll try that. Whenever there was a drop down menu, I'm very rarely able to actually make a selection.
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    A couple of days ago we received two EPIC monitors and one of them does not work the touchscreen. We have the same problem. What can be done if the firmware has been updated? there is a way of applying a test?
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    You may send a new firmware to rule that the current version is not causing a conflict with the EPIC X?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleb Heymann View Post
    Whenever there was a drop down menu, I'm very rarely able to actually make a selection.
    This is my problem too.
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