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    Heh, I'll say it again, this has come up before and always ends up at the same place - spend the $290 for insurance sake if nothing else.

    You could try to save a couple of hundred bucks and do it on the cheap but it just isn't worth it. There is a very good chance it would be one of those "if I could only turn back time..." moments!

    Just go to Mono Price and order a bunch of $2 HDMI cables to balance it out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Friday View Post
    I'm so surprised to hear this from do what you have to do when in the field.....but maybe this is just me and the handful of wildlife photographers and film makers i know.....when in the field and you have limited resources you ADAPT and MAKE it happen. The fix i just mentioned to you was for a 14 hour timelapse we did in Alasks for a film called Icy Killers.....we needed to run a long timelapse and connect power to a 12 volt power source--not a RED battery---that gives you about 1 hour or so...So---we used our heads on this and wallah-duh. a boat battery---not a car battery...that has cranking amps...but something with longevity....a battery meant to power house lights etc...onboard our boat...we took it off, took the POSITIVE lead off the Battery plate....connected to the extension cord POSITIVE wire...then the NEGATIVE (ground) wire and connected to the NEGATIVE lead on the battery....Now, a 4th grader with limited education can figure that out.....and i'm not trying to be nasty here, but it always gets me that there are so many new camera operators out there that are completely lost without every camera accessory available to them....i know folks that would have brought in a generator and 10 gallons of gas to do this...but we were trying to keep a light footprint....and also just be smart.

    So i challenge you sir to then tell me what is so brave about this....I DO ADMIT having a BASIC understanding of electricity does help...but i do have that.....and the wildlife film-makers i cut my teeth with don't let things like not having a long enough power cord stop them from shooting....they would laugh at such silliness.

    GREG: read my post---i am not telling anyone to do fact DONT do this.....but i was not the one asking...i'm sorry what is dangerous? you might have the screwdriver slip from your hand and punch a hole in your hand....that's dangerous...Do not play with tools you are not familiar with. ALSO....i know i'll take this on the face, but most folks shooting in studios have no idea of how to work out in the field....away from a 110v and w/out assistants etc....
    Even without the suggested MacGyver solution - simple cable issues can become terminal issues:!
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