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  #1 Manufacturing Redefined... 
    6 months ago Jim brought in the best Manufacturing God arguably on the planet... Kent.

    He brought Oakley to a level where China and Japan would literally get on a plane and fly to the O to learn efficiency in manufacturing.

    His legend has been realized.. in just 6 months Kent and his team have hit production numbers we couldn't even of dreamed a year ago.. and he is just getting started.

    Here is a peak at just a single row in the process... a small slice of what goes on around the clock in our California manufacturing plant.

    It really is magical to watch these guys and girls building the tools we all depend on. Someday we will need to open it up for tours :)

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    Senior Member Mike 'Fireman' Ross's Avatar
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    I am impressed, Jarred. Thanks for sharing and congratulations to all concerned!

    Oh and +1 on the tours, and even a Mercedes Benz style factory pick-up option; how cool to watch *your* EPIC being built!

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    Senior Member Mark Andersen's Avatar
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    I expected to see "red" lab coats. He he. Thanks for the inside info, looks awesome. When the tours start I'll be there.
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    Senior Member Brad Allen's Avatar
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    Just WOW. My mind is kinda blown. I would love to have a tour of a facility like this one day :)
    Brad Allen

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    Senior Member Dave Weber's Avatar
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    So awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    I think I see my camera
    Dave Weber

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    Senior Member Jonathan Stevenson's Avatar
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    Porn. This is pure porn.
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    Spectacular! Clean, spacious... Like how even the boards are Red... Does this mean production is ramping up? I'm looking into getting an Epic X before the end of the year...
    Sérgio Perez

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    Senior Member Solomon Nero's Avatar
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    THAT is just FANTASTIC! Dream Job? yes...I think That looks amazing!
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    Member Gino Papineau's Avatar
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    Great to see the birth of these baby !
    Gino Papineau
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