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    Awesome footage. Loving the low contrast look!
    Brad Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyFlores View Post
    Love it! Yes, great skin tones and "filmic" look as some here on Reduser have been asking about. Of course, that's nothing new :)
    Um... this is a BEAUTIFUL spot.

    The colors are STYLIZED though. In a similar way to how many other (also BEAUTIFUL) RED-shot stuff is stylized.

    Compared to the way I see skin tones in real life, and the way they look in many movies shot on film with a naturalistic look, this is desaturated. Also, in the shadows, the color doesn't vary much - it just goes to gray, like it is one unvarying color painted over a grayscale. Lips are a shade of magenta that I've seen on stuff I've shot on RED too, where the actors for sure didn't have lipstick that color...

    This is all beside the point though.

    The color treatment works PERFECTLY in the spot - because my eye's attention goes to the clothes and the amazing fabrics. If we're spending the whole time looking at the people's faces, and not a moment on the clothes (which Greg's Epic has captured in shimmering beauty) and the surrounding world, it would not be as effective a piece!

    Cheers man - and I will post more about my own personal interests in color in that thread, and out of this one.

    Congrats again to RED and Greg.

    Bruce Allen
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    I have no problem giving Greg the credit for starting this all... He was shooting Motion fashion covers on RED moments after we shipped.
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    Stephen Matthews

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    Love it!
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    ... pure beauty.

    definitely the better part of the world wide interwebs ... :-)
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    You should have me on set with you to grade in RCX, I'm a wizard at on set grade in RCX. This is cool footage, but inconsistent in the look shot to shot. I recommend all RED shooters use a 18% grad card in key light, you can then use RCX to obtain clean color, then, create a very beautiful look. Otherwise, the shots are nice.
    Von Thomas
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    O boy.

    Von.. it very clearly was intended to be different colors shot to shot. I really hope you are just kidding.
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    I love the look. And the expression on Ryan's face is perfect.... "yeah, I'm People's sexiest man alive...."

    Solar System Studio / Havana, Cuba
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