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  #1 REDCINE-X Professional Build 10 Beta... 
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    REDCINE-X Professional Build 10 Beta

    Added: An XML/EDL/ALE import can now be canceled while in progress.
    Added: A progress bar is now shown while an XML/EDL/ALE is being imported.
    Added: The size and position of the main window is now saved between sessions.
    Added: HDR Stops over metadata.
    Fixed: BWF Export timecode corrected for 23.97 clips.
    Fixed: Export crash with certain framing settings introduced in Build 9.
    Fixed: UI responsiveness when scrolling on some panels (Mac).
    Fixed: Support for postscript fonts in watermarks (Mac).
    Fixed: Before an XML/EDL/ALE import/export, a simple dialog is now shown instead of the entire preferences dialog.
    Fixed: Issue where knob 6 on the MC Color always mirrored knob 5's configuration.
    Fixed: Issue where clips in the bin/timeline/viewer could not be deleted from the browser on Windows.
    Fixed: Crash when doing a CSV export with no filename selected.
    Fixed: Issue where quote characters were not properly quoted in CSV files.
    Fixed: Issue where more than ten log files for each application were kept.
    Fixed: Issue where undo/redo would not work after previewing a look preset.
    Fixed: Issue where applying partial look presets to clips other than the one in Viewer did not work properly.

    Mac Package:

    Windows Installers:

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    Always fun to get RCX updates!
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    Added: HDR Stops over metadata.
    Thank You so much for that feature!

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    I got a request for Metadata to be embedded in a TIFF that we create in RCX Pro for use in Photoshop or lightroom..Can we get this?
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    Sean: any specific metadata you are looking for?
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    Thanks, Nice to see these consistent updates. Keep em coming :)
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    Heh. Awesome. I was just updating my field laptop while in Austin and boom! there's a fresh new version to download! Love it.
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    Jim -I thought you were taking a break! There must be some behind the scenes cooking...

    Thanks for the update BTW.

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    Nice! Thanks RED team! Right before I get my Scarlet. I get to use it for real tomorrow.

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