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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    We like to bring Bazookas to knife fights.
    Reading between the lines I think you brought a stealth bomber to this knife fight Jarred!

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    I just arrived home from work and read this thread along with all the other announcement threads. I have to say that I am filled with Joy and at the same time some trepidation. I cant remember feeling so damn conflicted lol! It would seem that come Nov 3rd all arguments will be settled. Some will be thrilled, some will be disappointed, but the industry in general will benefit. What a great time to be involved with REDUSER.

    For me it is my hope that the Scarlet will be released around the price point originally touted. I would be more than happy with 3K, 2/3 Scarlet fixed lens at around $7000 why? because it makes things possible for the likes of me. My family and I lost everything with the recession that hit the US at the end of 08. It has taken me a long time to make it back and to squirrel away the pennies for a camera that will bring my dream of shooting my script to reality. If the Scarlet comes out at twice the price expected I will be heart broken even if the spec's are improved from the original. The price was right for me, it meant I could be part of the community and I could own a piece of history and a piece of RED. My heart will be in my mouth Nov 3rd.

    Congratulations RED! and to all the RED team I am so damn excited for you I wont be able to sleep from now till then, but as Jim stated..."it will be worth it" I love this place :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike 'Fireman' Ross View Post
    Reading between the lines I think you brought a stealth bomber to this knife fight Jarred!

    ...with a Tsar Bomba attached.

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    I love the passion wich is with RED, I am in with 100%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    gonna need to upgrade the servers....
    Ha ha, here we go again... RED's Server room getting his ninth upgrade...


    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    We like to bring Bazookas to knife fights.

    I Love Canon, as I have used their Great DSLR's and "L" series glass (which I use still now on EPIC) for as far as I can remember, so... now that we do have the official SCARLET Date on the very same BIG Canon Day...

    I can't help but to fill a bit Compassionate towards Canon, as it sure sounds like RED really his bringing a BIG GUN to this fight... And if I have any pre-munition on what SCARLET is going to really be...

    Well, lets just say that my Dear Canon will really only be good to all of us REDUSER for their Great "L" Series Glass, as SCARLET will SURPRISE everyone... BIG TIME!!
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    We like to bring Bazookas to knife fights.
    I hope they don't bring another hair dryer this time.


    GO RED

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    I'm sure someone will make the poster now...

    "Well, isn't that just amazing!"


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    Nice but what about shipping my X!?!

    (Coudnt resist to crash a Scarlet thread with an Epic moan, what goes around... :-)

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    The funny part will be how Canon will "react" to this: Will they postpone their show? If they do will Red follow?
    Also, will Canon force Red to abandon the Canon mount after this ? :)

    Well, this is hilarious. We all win as costumers, in the end. (However, I still feel EPIC X is the way to go. No way would Red come out with a "superior to Epic X" product in the sub 20K price range.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Thornton View Post
    I hope they don't bring another hair dryer this time.


    GO RED
    heh heh post of the month....

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