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    Jim buys the domain

    January-December- Jim, Ted & Frederic research the possibility of building a camera.
    September- 1st communication between Jim and Jarred about the project.
    October- Jim & Matt work on preliminary designs.
    December- Decision was made to build a camera.
    December- Graeme starts at RED.

    February- Jarred joins RED.
    February- Matt joins RED.
    February- Stuart joins RED.
    April- Kelly joins RED
    April- 1st NAB- . We showed "shiny aluminum prototypes" and took $1000 deposits for the RED ONE, a 4K digital Cinema Camera.
    May- Rob joins RED.
    June- RED ONE test bed was created... named "Frankie"
    August- "RED Telecine" app was completed to process footage from "Frankie".
    September- "R4K Telecine" software was completed to process REDCODE compressed files. "R4K Lab" was released the following month.
    December- 1st RED ONE prototype was built... named "Spike"

    January- Deanan starts at RED.
    March- Beta RED Alert! software is developed for internal use.
    March- Prototypes "Boris" and "Natasha" are completed at the Lake Forest HQ and flown to New Zealand. Peter Jackson shoots "Crossing the Line" in 2 1/2 days with these cameras.
    April- "Crossing the Line" is shown at NAB to record crowds. Attendees waited up to 2 hours to view.
    June- Steven Soderbergh uses 2 prototype RED ONEs to shoot "Ché".
    August- 1st production RED ONEs were shipped to customers.
    August- RED Alert! is released.
    August- REDCINE is released.
    October- Taylor & Neveldine begin shooting "Gamer". DP is Ekkehart Pollack .

    February- REDline is released.
    March- Alex Proyas begins shooting "Knowing" on RED ONE. DP is Simon Duggan.
    April- Jim tries to quit smoking cigars and sleeps 3 hours a day under his desk. He doesn't succeed.
    June- Build 16 was released for the RED ONE. It was monumental and free.
    June- 16GB CF cards are released.
    June- Neill Blomkamp begins shooting "District 9". DP is Trent Opaloch.
    July- REDrushes is released.
    August- R3D SDK is released.
    September- RED announces the concept of DSMC (digital stills and motion camera).

    January- The Hughes brothers begin shooting "Book of Eli" on RED ONE. DP is Don Burgess.
    June- 1st set of RED Pro Primes (RPPs) ships.
    July- 1st RED Rocket ships.
    July- ROCKETCINE is released.
    September- REDCINE-X is released.
    October- David Fincher begins shooting "The Social Network" on prototype RED ONE M-X cameras.

    January- Upgrades for RED ONE cameras to Mysterium X sensors begin.
    January- RED acquires Ren-Mar Studios and renames it RED Studios Hollywood.
    June- Pirates of the Caribbean 4 begins shooting in Hawaii with RED ONE M-X cameras. The DP is Dariusz Wolski.
    September- HDRx announced.
    September- Steven Soderbergh begins shooting "Contagion".
    September- David Fincher begins shooting "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on RED ONE M-X. DP is Jeff Cronenweth.
    December- Prototype EPIC-Ms are used to shoot Spiderman 4. The DP is John Schwartzman.

    January- EPIC-M Serial #007 ships to Offhollywood.
    March- Peter Jackson begins shooting "The Hobbit" with EPIC-Ms.
    March- Ridley Scott begins shooting "Prometheus". Dariusz Wolski is DP.
    April- Mike and Kent join RED.
    April- Jim Cameron buys 50 EPIC-Ms.
    August- 1st EPIC-Xs are shipped to customers.
    August- REDCINE-X Professional is released. Free as usual.
    September- Baz Luhrmann begins shooting "The Great Gatsby" starring Leo DiCaprio on EPIC. DP is Simon Duggan.
    Additional features that began shooting on EPIC in 2011 include "Jack the Giant Killer", "Total Recall", "Underworld 4", "Oz: The Great and Powerful"...

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