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    Gosh, with so many things that involve EPIC, RED ONE, Rocket, workflow, etc - I did not even know what forum to post under....

    That being said:

    * Note on that we have "tabs" to make it easier for you to find what downloads are considered "release" version and which are considered "beta".

    * EPIC Firmware Build 1 (v1.6.34) was posted as release version firmware. Yes, same firmware for both X and M EPIC brains. Important - This is a "no rollback" build. Once you go to 1.6.34, you cannot revert back to a prior firmware version.

    * REDCINE-X Pro, Build 2 (Beta), also posted on Discussion in this thread.... And, remember, you can auto-update straight from the app if you already are running Build 1.

    * REDCINE-X, release version posted, Build 501.

    * RED Rocket Installer - posted both release version 1.4.15 and beta version 1.4.16.


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