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    Ah, the old "try before you buy" excuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pablo Villegas S. View Post
    Well, I don't think it is stealing,
    Look at the license agreement and read any copyright laws. You will find you are 100% in violation of BM's ownership of the code. You have stolen from them and your excuses are not of any interest to anyone but you.

    Somehow people feel that things like copyright are just suggestions rather than definitions of legal ownership and rights.

    I used to make software for a living in the 90s, and this really makes me mad. And for the last 13 years, I've made images for a living to which I also expect my copyright of to protect my investment in time/money to create. I find Pablo's excuses rediculous and unsruprisingly self-centered, dishonorable, and larcenous.

    I'm leaving this thread now, becuase I know that such a person will not benefit from anything I have to say.
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    I do appreciate your comments, and I know there are legal ramifications againts cracking software, and I will face them if needed.

    There were not excuses, to me there is nothing morally wrong in using a software for educational porpuses, specially one disabled for ANY commercial work.

    If I offended you or anyone else I'm sorry, but believe me, I did not cost BM a dime, quite the contrary.


    PS: I still think there is a need for a fully functional, but watermarked or time limiting version of the software. And I believe that is what I found.
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