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    I have no experience with a RED camera (yet!) or a Hasselblad, but I'm going to say the pic of the model in the white dress was taken with the Hasselblad because of the subtle shadows in the soft folds on the front. If that's the EPIC, then that kicks all kinds of arse.
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    An other nice one... ;)

    If some one tells me they can spot a Epic shot form an Hasselblad out of this shots, I will buy him her a drink, or two... ;)
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    My guess is the close-up shot was done with the Hasselblad and the rest Epic, as well. Unless, of course, this is a trick question and they are ALL Epic...

    Either way, all of the shots look amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristin Stewart View Post
    Congrats, Jarred, I'm happy to see Red making hi little hole (bad translation from the French)...

    On an other note, I must admit that fashion business needs seriously some correction : the image of woman is so degrading. Here she looks like she escaped from a concentration camp. We, Europeans, know all what it means. Disgusting.
    I agree, she looks like a cadavre; who would want to have sex with someone with shoulders and arms like that? but I'm really happy about the camera!
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