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    I'm working on a 3D feature right now shot with the reds and I'm handling all the footage, we've decided that the names coming off the cameras aren't going to work for us as we don't have time while shooting to set the cameras to name the files in a way that makes sense to us in post so we have to manually re-name everything so that the right eye footage names match the left eye and so on. It sucks to say the least and takes forever. The renaming is one thing, as i've found that you have to keep the xxx_xxx_xxx_001.R3D xxx_xxx_xxx_002.R3D format intact for the files that are larger than 2GB to maintain their link to each other so a batch rename is out of the question.

    One of the things that would be HUGELY helpful is if there was some kind of droplet style proxie maker. Or at least drag and drop functionality into red alert. Because when we rename the files, we have to remake the proxies, and the only way to do that right now is to open red alert, and manually one by one go file>open navigate to the file, then file>make.

    Cumbersome is an understatement. i did find that there are a few keyboard shortcuts to speed up the "open" and "make" functions, but still.

    So how about it guys? Any plans for a droplet proxy maker? or including drag and drop into red alert? or batch proxy maker would be nice too.


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    oh man dude.. thank you thank you thank you!

    I live in a van down by the river. It's awesome.
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