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    This quote is interesting from Dan Lebental, the editor of "Cowboys and Aliens" and Favreau's go to guy:

    "I hate to focus on this fiasco with the new FCP but I feel awful for those guys. People don't realize [editing systems] are like musical instruments. When you say, here's your instrument and now you're no longer a violin player, you're a bouzouki player…people spend years getting down how they work. I really feel horrible for all those people who spent all that time on FCP who just had the rug pulled out from under them. These companies don't seem to realize that. Apple could be right that this is the future, but in the now, people have to make a living and keep going."

    From this article in Creative Cow:
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    I thought the most profound thing Lebental had to say was this:

    "I think Apple is such a big corporation that these decisions are made on a level that doesn't weigh the human cost. A lot of people will be scrambling on which way to go."
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