Tomorrow is the Canadian Theatrical Premier of Anchor Baby, a film I co-produced last year along with writer, director Lonzo Nzekwe a fellow Reduser. We shot the film last year in Brampton and Mississauga. I was shot with Lonzo's RED ONE and my RED ONE, both cameras were on the original Sensor at the time of production. It has won a number of awards internationally, including Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress, at the Harlem International Film Festival and the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

Anchor Baby the film will run in Toronto and Dallas, TX cinemas. July 8th is the official Toronto theatrical release:

Albion mall, Etobicoke, ON. Showtime is 7pm Daily. Tickets are $10.

The Dallas, TX screening is a one day event, on July 10th, 4pm. Venue is Uptown Theater, Dallas, TX.

Check out the trailer below, select 1080p and then fullscreen : )