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  #1 Getty Images.... 
    interesting post in the comment section of Vincent Laforet's interview with

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    Sounds good!
    For the uneducated, who is Getty?
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    The stock photo house.
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    I think it's this one.

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    Getty is the king of all media. And that's awesome news Jarred. Speaks to the power of what you guys are doing down there... Epic is like a tidal wave of change
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    Yes Getty Images...
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    Wow - great news.

    Soooooo looking forward to getting my EPIC-X and playing with all these features...
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    This - appart from being true - sounds very likely from what I've seen so far.

    The Epic is by far the dream image-machine.


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    And this is why we are preparing for the first EPIC Photo Gallery here in Rome... ;)

    Prints wil be large, and both in 2D and 3D... ;)
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    The images from EPIC are gorgeous. They are sharp with ultra high resolution and also with a lot of informations in shadows and highlights. I did some close-ups and the skin tone was absolutely amazing. Everybody were shocked!

    Here is the ungraded 5K jpeg image of human's palm. Take a look at sharpness and resolution. This is insane.
    Click Download '5K 2.40.jpg' to your computer

    Ketch, I wanna come to see it in 3D ;)
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