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    Hi everyone,

    I've been recently asked to contribute to a project that intends to potentially deliver to DCP. While I'm familiar with the general specs and ways to generate the files, I'm in dire need of education for the actually grit. I'm most interested in learning about "how it looks", as in how much DR it displays and how it curves it. Learn how it affects the way you shoot, expose, and how much it affects the leeway you have in correction.

    There aren't that many digital theaters here, so local projects rarely go that route, which makes expertise definitely not plentiful. Even the largest post houses here didn't have much to say about it. Could anyone recommend some kind of seminar, class, book or whatever which could help me further my knowledge of DCP? Location, as long as it's somewhere fairly close to the american continent (or within), is not a problem.

    Alexis Vanier
    Montréal, Canada

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    There is always the book on Digital Cinema:

    But all the control of the image comes before the actual encoding and delivery of the DCP which will be done in the production and post process. I suggest you find a color correction class that addresses theatrical delivery and various color spaces of the different deliveries over how to create a DCP. That will time much better spent as their is not much if any control in the encoding process other than color space IN and conversion to XYZ. Very similar to making a DVD. You color correct to a SMPTE broadcast standard then encode the MPEG2 from there.

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