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    This is a really awesome quote, Jim. Congratulations. EPIC has arrived.
    Seth Larney
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    Great,now i am just dying to see this movie on the big screen.I think epic has accomplished a part of what the company RED set out to do,creating a true motion picture film alternative, a true parallel acquisition,and now RED EPIC DRAGON will accomplish the next step,a digital camera technically superior than Film.....
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    Mr. Jannard,

    Did you watch the footage in 2D or 3D? You didn't mention it.
    If it was 3D, were you using active-shutter glasses or passive ones?

    "Don't under-estimate the amateur photographer. The latest HW & SW empower him to achieve results just as good as yours".
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    How's the film itself Jim?

    Is it looking to top Raimi's Spiderman?
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    And all I can say is "wow!"

    Great job!!!
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    From some of the first clips posted by Gibby, Ketch, Tom Lowe and Mark Pederson it seemed evident that Epic is truly exceptional, even at web video resolutions. But this kind of endorsement is priceless. Congratulations, can't wait to see it in the theaters.
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    Me want.
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    brilliant! you all must very proud!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brook Willard View Post
    Can't believe it's all done!
    The Post Production team of thousands may raise an eyebrow at that! Congratulations nevertheless.
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    great job jim. whenever you feel happy not merely for making camera, if anybody appreciates your work only, like dp's john schwartzman comments and others. they will give boost to your work. keep it up and congrats.
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