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    Yesterday I was on a shoot with an Epic and ran into a huge audio problem, channel 1 and 2 quit working and instead just started clicking really bad if you enabled either channel, in either balanced or unbalanced settings. I understand, its still pretty beta, that's not my problem. My problem is that I called Red to try to get tech support, tried calling 3 times and left a message all around 4pm, not in the middle of the night or something, and still, a day later, no one has called me back. To have a camera a "work in progress" camera in the field, I'd expect to have a bit more on the support side.
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    Please PM me or send me an email to nick-dot-grow-at-red-dot-com with the phone number you tried calling RED tech support from yesterday and I will x-ref our call logs. We just double checked our tech support voicemail box [which we do frequently throughout every day] and it appears that we did not receive any messages from you, hence no call back. I can assure you that the RED tech support team was here and on the phones yesterday around 4:00 PM pacific time. As soon as I receive your PM or email, I will have someone from tech support contact you immediately to get this audio issue sorted for you. You can always contact RED tech support directly for assistance anytime 24/7/365 by sending us a ticket here

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