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    Quote Originally Posted by offhollywood View Post
    Well ... if you can get REDCINE to output timecode and REEL #'s in QT's .... well ... if you ever want to move to New York .... I'd hire you in 5 seconds.
    Hearing you load and clear, this will be added soon (I know it can't come soon enough)
    ROBCODE Santa Claus @ RED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anders Holck View Post
    Copy and paste sure beats typing it manually.....
    True. I just installed my system from scratch after an "erase and install" of Leopard. I made at least a couple typos while manually typing my FCS upgrade numbers.

    Solar System Studio / Havana, Cuba
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Lohman View Post
    Hearing you load and clear, this will be added soon (I know it can't come soon enough)
    Thanks Rob. Lookin' forward to it!
    Mark L. Pederson | Director of Technology | OFFHOLLYWOOD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anders Holck View Post
    Great that you found it usefull :-)

    Ill have my conform tool for RedCine up shortly.
    Hi Anders,

    I'm sure you are all over this, but I've found this a handy tool for parsing xml's (like the FCP EDL/XML) in apple script.
    It could form the basis of a 'true' FCP conform app for REDCINE.
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    Here is a small movie showing you how to make a proxy batch processing of R3D files:

    (Don't forget to copy your RSX files into the folder as well if you want your edited look to stick)
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    ander, thanks so much for this man. This just made my life 10000 times easier.

    I live in a van down by the river. It's awesome.
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    Gotta love the open source. Thanks Anders. This kicks ass. BTW, enjoying your incredible contributions at DVXuser, it's good to see them now on RED.
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    I've got the next build of RedAlert to work so that if you double click an R3D it will open it.

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    That's awesome!
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    We come late on this but holy cr*p!

    Keep it up! Very handy tools here.
    Paul Lee | 42 Productions | Boulder, Colorado |
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