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    50?? Gosh I need to make some kick ass films and get wealthy! Glad to see everyone joining the party! Awesome work red team!!!!
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    Jesus, that came out of nowhere!
    Well done!
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    YES, I knew it!!

    Ha ha, CONGRATS Jim and RED TEAM!!
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    Dude. Seriously. That is great news. I was having a discussion with some people the other day, and they said "It's so hard to convince big studio people to shoot red." I said, look, I know its hard to sell to the corporate types when they see the aggressive art direction on the website, but trust me, these are the best digital cinema cameras IN THE WORLD TODAY. Thanks for the vote of confidence Mr. Cameron. Thank you Jim Jannard, Thank you Jarred Land, Thank you Deanan, Thank you John S., Thank You Graemme, Thank you Ted, Thank you Kelly, Thank you Bomb Squad Reps. Seriously. Thank you all at Red for making my life as an artist and technician better.
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    Congrats Jim and RED team!! Thats awesome news!
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    Is this for Cameron Pace?
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    awesome news! can't wait to see what he does with them...!
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    A guy who can buy ANY camera on earth. This is a statement.

    Gee, I wonder what movie he is buying these for? hehe

    Also, this is interesting news in light of the recent Cameron-Pace - Arri 3d collab.

    Congrats to the Red team. All the skeptics can throw all the haterade they want... but I can officially be proud of the fact that I own the same camera James Cameron will shoot with.
    I sure couldn't say this a few years ago.
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    REDuser Sponsor Brook Willard's Avatar
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    Heheh, it was only a matter of time. Awesome news!
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    Senior Member Mark Phelan's Avatar
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    HOLY COW! That's amazing! Congratulations! Now PUHLEEZE may we too have our Epic X's? I know, I know, but this kind of news makes us want them even more.
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