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  #1 EPIC frame rates... 
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    Just for reference, these are the frame rate specs for EPIC (all shown widescreen except QuadHD and 720P).

    5k 2.40 = 120
    QuadHD = 120
    4k 2.40 = 150
    3k 2.40 = 200
    2k 2.40 = 300
    720P = 360

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    Holy smokes, that exceeds the projected 2K specs. Thats near Phantom speed. congrats!
    Kind regards,

    Tim Whitcomb
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    300+!!! Are these frame rates supported in the current firmware?

    Thanks and looking forward to NAB!

    Russell Lasson
    Color Mill
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    Nice! 4K 16:9 is of interest.
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    It just keeps getting better!

    Thanks Jim!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Lowe View Post
    Nice! 4K 16:9 is of interest.
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    Wow, I can't wait to put it in actions.

    You guys have out done yourself.

    Congratulation RED.

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    Im assuming that this is just the Epic M and X and not S?
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    300 fps at 720p? wow thats completely unexpected but cool!

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    Whoah!! That is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to hearing more on Monday. Thanks Jim, it's amazing how the entire Red team consistently exceeds everyone's already high expectations :)
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    Are these rates continuous shooting? Or just a burst mode?

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