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    hi RED forum,

    just finished the movie here , and now i have to make the output for DCP. The guy in cinema just required me as JPEG2000 files.
    what i wanna ask here :

    1. what is the good method for DCP from scratch ? - guess DCP base 24fps , so i must make the dpx output as 24 fps ?
    2. or i send to FCP as DPX files based on 25fps then later on converting inside FCP into QT-jpeg2000?
    3. should i apply LUT ?
    4. and what the rest i must concern about ?
    hope someone with Master Guru level here can help me .

    I tried to look on the site about this case , without any convinced method.
    so i hope anyone here could make a liitle light for me, please.

    best regards

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