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    I have been using Nikon lenses for 3 years on my Red
    Here is what makes it works for me.
    OptiTek Nikon mount keeps the mount rigid. (mentioned several times on forum)
    The front of the lens can still shift.
    I use a clip on matte box with 3 rods around it to eliminate any up/down or sideways movement of the front of the lens.
    Focus gears, I ordered mine from
    A wireless focus system with rings for each lens that I made with a Putora focus chart.
    This spreads out the marks to about 300 degrees on the ring and lets me set marks that are missing on the lens.
    I have a Bartech and designed my rings with For more info on my rings see
    As I have a analog system I also painted end marks on the lens. If you have a digital system that auto calibrates this is not necessary.

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    Thanks for posting this!
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    I also use the gears and I use his FF-206 FF unit with a RedRock Mattebox all on 19mm rails. The FF is on a 19mm to 15mm adapter also by The FF has an overwide gear to allow for the ring movement on the Micro-Nikkors. And because the gear has a small diameter the 1/4 turn focus pull from close to infinity is a full turn on the FF. This for me works out to an excellent solution for Nikon glass on the RED MX.
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