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    Hi Tonaci,

    I believe this is your Epic? if so how did you powered the Micro Force, since the Epic do not have 12v power output??
    Did you have a customized cable from the battery plate to the MF?

    Thanks in advance.
    Christian Muñoz-Donoso

    Equilibrio Films, LLC
    cmunoz at equilibriofilms dot com
    Studio: +1 646-397-9498
    Massachusetts, USA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonaci Tran View Post
    Tonaci, may I ask you what FF is that?
    "Production value!" ©
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    isnt it a technovision?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demetri Zuev View Post
    Tonaci, may I ask you what FF is that?
    Denz Follow Focus
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    Recently shot for Enzoani's 2012 Fashion Runway Event:

    Vid coming soon
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