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    Congrats Mike. look forward to seeing you really make the most of it, just as you've done with #22 since day 1
    Jason Wingrove
    Director, Cinematographer

    Twitter: wingrove
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    Senior Member Steve Johnson's Avatar
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    Congratulations Mike - look forward to your thoughts in weeks to come.


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    As Mike said I was with him today, my thoughts were:

    1) The camera really felt great to hold. Solid, well balanced. Just the camera with a grip/Volt battery, SSD drive and lens is such a natural feeling in your hand.

    2) The touch screen and Bomb EVF are beautiful, using the interface on the touch screen is very intuitive.

    3) Seeing the Canon lens on the Canon mount and playing with the auto focus (half depress button on grip to focus) was a treat. It just worked liked you'd expect, like a still camera.

    4) The body came in a small carry on size pelican case that is smaller than my normal carry on bag. It held the LCF, Bomb, EPIC body, SSD cards and a few other things.

    Can't wait to see the images Mike and the team get next week, he has quite the amazing shoot planned!

    Jeff Heusser
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    Congrats Mike! It's always nice to see another Epic out in the wild. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
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    Congrats Mike. Now looking forward to a Epic Tutorial on FXPHD.

    Red One MX
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    Senior Member Ben Graham's Avatar
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    Congrats Mike from Noah and I. Feel free to come back to China and shoot Kung Fu at 5k anytime.
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    Senior Member Mark Toia's Avatar
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    Could be anywhere in the world today.
    You lucky lucky bastard.

    Bring it to Dubai. I have a job for it. :)

    See you when I get back mate.
    Mark Toia
    Director / DP / Founder of Zoom Film & Television
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    I can't wait to see what Mike and fxphd bring to the table. This is great news for everybody.
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    Senior Member James Drake's Avatar
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    can't wait to see footage!
    Epic-M #1169
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    Awesome!!! I will be signing up for that Phd class soon! Really looking forward to hearing your words on Epic Mike!
    Stephen D. Smith: Digital Alchemy Films LLC
    Epic #668, Red Pro Primes
    IATSE 600 Cinema D.I.T., Camera Operator, Editor, Colorist
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