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  #1 Mike Seymour 
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    What is your serial number Mike?

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    Senior Member Mike Seymour's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Firstly - thanks for the kind words. I should say we wont be posting any un-boxing videos or pretty Epic pictures. Nothing wrong with that but not what interests us.
    We are interested in taking it on location for a week or two and shooting some seriously cool stuff.
    So I will post some initial comments but then I will post only after we have some cool footage and shoots to discuss. The good news is that fxphd shoots are not confidential so we will not have problems with footage / releases etc.

    - it is small - as that photo shows. Actually this photo is very accurate - without a lens or an LCD it is tiny. Solid but tiny. Jeff H (who was also at RED today) is posting a comparison between the Red one and the Epic - on in a few minutes. We tried to match angles so you could see a valid comparison.

    - it is very well made

    - The HDR is sensible and impressive

    - The grip is really wonderful to use and hold

    We also got to preview some cool tech hanging out with Jim, Deanan and Jarred this afternoon... such as working Canon auto-focus Canon mounts, Volt batteries, etc... so there is more stuff coming very soon.

    - Cant discuss some things obviously from today, but it was insanely fun.. thanks Travis, Jarred, Deanan and Jim.


    one final thing...
    The Current RC 83 podcast - which went live today - was recorded on Friday before I left. So the EPIC podcast will be the one that follows, later this week RC 84.
    Mike Seymour
    Camera & workflow/VFX supervisor
    Red One#22 and EPIC #123
    Twitter: mikeseymour
    Cohost: The RC, vfxshow, and fxpodcast podcasts
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    Congrats Mike! I'm very excited to see what you and the team do to and with the camera. Def the team to provide some incredible footage and feedback. Knowing some of the things you have planned, these are exciting times.

    Jason Diamond
    The Diamond Bros.

    1 x Monstro VV Stormtrooper / 1 x 8Ks35 HELIUM Stormtrooper
    Leica-R Duclos Cinemod 16mm-180mm
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    Nov 2008
    Isle of Lewis, Scotland
    Congratulations Mike, can't wait to see the material and hear your thoughts about the camera on the RC.
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    Senior Member Omar Al-Masab's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Congratulations Mike,
    and i hope to see more of the epic on FXguide and FXphd
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    Congrates Mike, happy shooting!
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    Moderator Martin Weiss's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Now I'm looking forward to the next RC even more!
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    "The Mouth" TedRed's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Hi Mike,

    Just back from a session at the Film School in your home town of Sydney... glad you made it to the USA safe and sound and got the Epic in your hands. We had fun showing of the EPIC and Scarlet to your friends here :-)

    + Ted
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    Dec 2010
    félicitation , )
    EPIC X (soon)
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