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    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme Nattress View Post
    I don't just shoot test charts, so here's some that I've taken along the way...

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    Are those wee Nattresses?? Beautiful! Are they already coding and imaging prodigies?
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    a low res frame from the original M...
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    Brigham Edgar
    Brisbane, Australia
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    Yes, they're my little helpers! Not so much coding yet, but they do duty as skin tone models for colorimetry testing.

    Graeme - 8k Digital Cinema Camera
    Science enables stories. Stories drive science
    IPP2, Image Processing, Colour Science and Demosaic Algorithms
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    It might not be a big deal, but I just shot this yesterday, and I cant stop staring at it.
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    Just shot this a little bit ago on Epic.

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    Here are a couple I pulled out of my hat...

    Jean Déraps, Mondo communications
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    One of my favorites, from a short film I shot last year.

    The Honesty and Irony 2010
    Original Sensor.

    Jarred, god, thats just awesome.
    Stacey, there is something so elegant about those pictures, especially the first one, wonderful work.
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