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Dan - way too much dodgy info in that post. ALL cameras need OLPFs regardless of sensor arrangement for instance.

I certainly don't understand this stuff as well as you Graeme, but it seems to me that Dan's point about OLPF was that all cameras have them, and it makes it a bit more difficult to get at the truth about resolution, and then he went on to explain why.

Perhaps you are objecting to the part where he talks about why Bayer sensors use OLPF ... but that merely does not address other sensor arrangements, it doesn't invalidate his earlier statement.

The truth is that you're real input on this topic would be a real asset, if you are willing to do so instead of just taking potshots at others posts.

Even without saying a word about RED you could add a lot. Just thinking and writing here about other digital camera systems would be an immense addition. Heck you could probably just write a list of public links and reference materials and help us out a ton.

This is a point of discussion where a cinematographer might gain little or no benefit, but I happen to have a technical education. I was training to be Spock you see. (Only half joking. My majors were computer science, electrical engineering, math and physics.) I'm terribly out of date and out of practice- but I'm still curious.