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    Quote Originally Posted by Cüneyt Kaya View Post
    hi mark,
    some questions:
    did you set up a cinestyle rig?
    i mean with wireless follow focus (does the body has aux ports?)
    does the body itself has fuses?
    Yes, we set up cinestyle. No aux power on the brain. In cinestyle - we are powering the brain with a RED BRICK and powering follow focus & cinetape off of the PTAP on the quickplate.

    My fingers are crossed for an EPIC module that is just for power distro for aks.

    No visible fuse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cüneyt Kaya View Post

    is the need of a lock it erased? i mean no/really little TC slipping now?

    I have not testing external TC - JAM sync accuracy over time without a lockit box yet. But I will soon. Very curious about that myself actually.
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Sweeney View Post
    Mark - have you had much chance to test the RedMote's wireless range? Any latency between the handheld unit and the camera? Have you tested using the user-programmable buttons for ramping or other on-demand functions? Also, do you know what kind of wireless connection it's using?

    Can't wait to see more from 007!
    We used it from about 15 feet away or so - I did not notice any real latency - I'm sure there is a tiny bit - but I didn't "notice" it. We didn't go crazy testing REDMOTE as Jarred informed me that the next firmware build adds more REDMOTE functionality. We used it to start and stop recording, change ISO, white balance, exposure/false color - and do the 1:1 punch in for focus assist, etc. Not sure of the type of wireless connection.
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Whitcomb View Post
    Redmote sounds like a game changer as much as the vistavision images do.
    curious if you have any rear modules yet? and if yes, post as many config pics as you can. the ergonomic testing/feedback is equally fascinating. thank you.
    No rear modules yet. I'm meeting with the best machinist in NYC tomorrow - and I'm going to have a few custom cheeseplate/bracket things made to get a lean and mean fully blown cinestyle mode happening prior to other modules and third party stuff appearing. You will see what we come up with. So our configs are going to get much better - but yeah - will post pics.
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cüneyt Kaya View Post
    redmode is definitly cool, thinking of helicopter shootings (the ones where the cam is mounted in the front of the heli) and craneshots or inside cars while doing stunt shots.
    -so a small battery adapter for the redmode makes sense.
    i guess once its around your neck you wont put it back.
    I seriously suspect the charge lasts a long time. I'll test that - fully charge it and let it drain. You can also power off the REDMOTE and power it back on and re-connect to the camera(s).
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe Abreu View Post
    Hey Mark, have you tried The camera with old fashioned lightweight lenses like super speeds? Are them really not sharp enough for epic? Or they could be useful for extended handheld use?


    Not yet. Ultra Primes are awesome though!
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    From Stuart re:REDmote

    Uses a proprietary wireless communication we call REDLink, which is designed for low power and communication robustness (i.e. it is not 802.11 WiFi)

    REDmote should last 4-6 hours on continuous operation (LCD illuminated) but if not touched for 5 minutes it will "sleep" the LCD to save power, so in practice you may get a full day's worth of operation on one charge. Of course re-attach to camera starts the re-charge process again.

    REDmote also auto-powers down if the camera it is in communication with is powered down...

    Stuart English

    Workflow Wizard
    RED Digital Cinema
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Johnson View Post
    Is the REDmote battery replaceable by the user or does it have to be sent in to RED once the battery starts to go bad? I'm sure it has a long life, but over time it will lose it's maximum charge.
    REDMOTE Battery is replaceable by a RED Service Center or RED Certified Field Technician.
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    Here's a couple R3Ds frames and a tiny 96fps clip:

    I let the OFFHOLLYWOOD staff & DITs throw together a fun little test shoot with a couple models - Steve Sherrick decided it was a good enough excuse to stop by with his MX and shoot a little behind the scenes and see the EPIC in action and catch up.

    Nothing fancy at all here - literally a chimera and 4 small tungsten lights. Basically, indie gorilla style.

    We shot about 2 hours of footage at 5K 2:1 - 3:1 compression on the 23.98fps shots to 12:1 compression at 96fps - with a some 6:1 and 8:1 compressions at frame rates in between.

    Master Primes, shooting T1.3-T2.8 mostly. ARRI WCU-3 wireless focus.

    We downloaded SSDs directly to our DI system while we were shooting since we filmed in the lounge area at OFFHOLLYWOOD - so we were screening footage in the theatre while we were shooting. Pretty sure I've posted this already - but EPIC footage is simply stunning when projected on a screen - the additional detail resulting from the resolution is obvious.

    We are getting 24fps playback with full debayer at 5K with an alpha build of Assimilate's Scratch running on our dual Red Rocket system (JMR hardware).

    Camera continues to perform rock solid. Not one single glitch or "moment" during this shoot. We were changing shutter, frame rates and compression constantly - and instantly - via REDmote and touchscreen.

    Jarred also informed me that the next firmware build I'll be getting (any moment) has further optimized black calibration - which will lower the noise floor - specifically on higher frame rates, etc. - so - please keep in mind that these are just test shoots.

    I'm going to try to edit a little piece from the footage this weekend and see if we can quickly grade, encode and post on Monday - but fear not - we will be shooting lots more next week as well as doing some lens coverage tests, etc. - so I'll keep adding better stuff here - more R3Ds and pics to this thread as long as folks are interested.

    We got a few treats up our sleeves but we wanted to really make sure we put the camera through the paces and that all of our DIT/techs got to know and handle it and run whatever tests they wanted.

    HDRx goodies coming soon here too -
    Mark L. Pederson | Cinema Products | TERADEK
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    Hey everyone, I have uploaded the file from Marks link to this EU hosted FTP. So if you are located in Europe you should be able to download at full speed.

    I will upload every file that Mark is uploading to this site.
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    You need version 356E -- the Epic-enabled version. The supporting Rocket firmware is not available publicly just yet. Please discuss in the thread linked below.
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